AWSIN246DD Desktop Directional Antenna
6 dBi
The 5dBi AWSIN24-5OD is used to extend the range of indoor access points or client bridges in 802.11 2.4GHz wireless LAN environments. With its 5dBi gain, the omni-directional antenna can give up to 50% more range over conventional 2.2dBi rubber duck antennas. The 5 foot cable allows the antenna to be moved away from the wireless equipment for better wireless reception. The antenna features a 360 Degree Horizontal Transmission Pattern and a 28 Degree Vertical Transmission Pattern. The transmit/receive element can be tilted in relation to the base to direct signal where it is needed. The unit has a weighted rubber base to increase stability on the desktop. With its black base and light gray element, its sleek, aesthetic design is suitable for any desktop application. The unit is supplied with 1.5 Meter (59") of cable terminated with RPSMA, MC Card, MMCX or RP TNC connectors.