AWSECO9-4900 Omni Directional Antenna
9 dBi
The new AWSECO9-4900 omni-directional antenna is designed for all new data & broadband systems, including Wi-Fi, 802.11 & 802.16 systems being planned. Using the latest PCB technology, this antenna improves high-speed broadband system performance in an economical package. The Omni antenna provides uniform horizontal pattern and excellent frequency response. The AWSECO9 is a free space antenna; no ground plane is required. Because it is also low profile and durable, it can even be used in a mobile application. Mounting hardware is available for a variety of uses. Standard hardware includes pole/wall mount. The antenna element is enclosed in an extremely tough white fiberglass radome. Wind loading on the antenna is insignificant. The antenna terminates with an integrated N-female.